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Improve your rank in cities where you offer services but

don’t have a physical address

Get More Customers With SEO City Pages for Your Local Business

If your business operates out of your home or office but you travel to your customers instead of them coming to a location, your business is considered a single-location service area business (SAB). In this scenario you may still have a street address and phone number specific to your business, but you should setup service areas if your customers don’t visit that location.

It’s pretty much impossible to rank or have your business show up at the top of the local map-pack located in a city where your business does not have a physical location.

In addition, if your business operates from multiple locations (such as a chain restaurant or attorney’s practice with offices serving several towns) you might find that ranking for each location is slightly more complex.

Local Map Pack

Thankfully, there are other things that you can do to rank in those cities where you don’t have a physical address. You can target the organic search results for target cities by creating City Pages relevant to each town/city that you service. These web pages are designed to highlight each specific regional area of operation.

Search engines are pretty big on local content nowadays – and with good reason. According to Google, 50% of searches via its platform have local intent. This means that you should be concentrating on improving search engine optimization for each of your locations if you want to rely on traffic from local searches – and this ultimately means creating SEO City Pages.

City landing pages SEO: why it matters

Google routinely makes updates to its algorithms to provide more accurate search results for its huge user base. This means promoting sites that feature qualities that Google perceives to be relevant or important and penalizing those which offer irrelevant or duplicate content.

During one of these updates (known as the Panda algorithm change), Google actually punished sites containing city pages, which led many developers to consider local SEO city pages as a bad idea. However, the penalization targeted websites that simply duplicated content for different city pages. Local SEO City Pages are beneficial if you want to rank highly on Google – provided you create them with unique content and proper optimization.

When you get this right, you can expect to:

  • Boost your site’s search engine ranking.
  • Attract a lot more local web traffic.
  • Highlight specific solutions to your customers dependent on their location.
  • Create multiple calls to action from each of your SEO city pages.
  • Include more internal/external links (great for local SEO City landing Pages).
  • Eliminate the need to maintain separate domains for each location.



City Landing Pages SEO: Optimizing For Local Searches


At BriteBuzz, we understand the power that local SEO city landing pages can yield – and we know how to harness that power to drive traffic to your site. Unfortunately, duplicating a page and changing the location in each relevant sentence isn’t enough – but here’s how we can help you succeed:


Limit The Number of SEO City Pages on Your Site


Think about how many pages you’ll need. Having a huge number of city pages could make your site difficult to maintain. Instead, you should focus on significant cities (such as those that contain your core customers) and avoid creating pages for locations you don’t serve. These could reduce your ability to rank highly in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Optimize web data

Each time you create a new city page, on-page data must be optimized for search engines. This includes the URL, title tag, meta description, headers, content, and images. Remember to use keywords that will help to define the content of your page.

Improve internal links

When you get your site’s internal linking structure right, you’ll help Google to determine how relevant each page is. From a user experience perspective, this will also help site visitors to navigate your site more easily.

Always ensure that each page you link to has some relevance. For example, if you create a blog post pertaining to an offer in a specific city, it would make sense to link internally to that city’s landing page.

Put SEO city pages in your main navigation

Try to incorporate your city pages into the navigational structure of your site. For example, create an “areas we serve” drop-down navigation on your homepage, or include links to each location in your “Contact Us” section.

Optimize your city pages for mobile

Your city navigational links should be accessible from all versions of your site – not just on desktop. Nearly 70% of smartphone users perform searches each week, with at least half of those having local intent. This is why your local pages need to be optimized for mobile devices and tablets.

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