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A well designed website speaks volumes about your business… what kind of story does your website tell?

Web Design Is The Key To Your Digital Marketing Success 

Getting ahead in business means more than just having the best product or services. In today’s highly competitive marketplace a strong digital presence, including a professional website and effective digital marketing strategy, is absolutely essential to compete in any industry.

The most basic thing a business can do to help establish a strong online presence, is to have a great website. Even though having a website alone doesn’t guarantee business growth nor an extensive customer reach, it’s an essential starting point.

A well designed website can speak volumes about your business. However, it better speak quickly, be easily viewable across devices and captivate the visitor’s attention with loads of interesting content. Why? Because you have approximately five to ten seconds to capture a visitor’s attention before they move on to your competitor’s site. Your website will tell a story…

The question is – will it be a good or bad one? We can help make sure that your website always tells a great story!  

Why Do I Need A Professional Website Design Company?

Considering all of the daily activities and tasks required to keep your business running smoothly, do you have the extra time required to build a great website? If the answer is no, then learning how to design a website should be the least of your concerns.

The ability to maximize your return on investment in marketing campaigns and the ability to influence and win new clients depend on you to get it right the first time. This is why professional website design services are absolutely essential to ensure success.

We want to be your website design company and marketing partner to provide website design services that enable your success. Our commitment to you is that we will create a website that has the appropriate balance of functionality, aesthetics and a right-sized cost to fit your budget.

Top 4 Reasons Why Web Design Services Are so Important

#1 Makes The Right First Impression

Your web design can make or break your chances of converting those clicks into customers. A business’ first impression is 94% based on the design rather than the content. In a matter of seconds, a user will have already formed his/her own opinion on your business just by having a quick glance at your website appearance.

That’s why it is vital to have a professional website that successfully captures your user’s attention from the get-go. Customers are quick to click the exit button or swipe back on their phones when a website isn’t attractive.

In digital marketing, the first impression is a lasting one and a great impression is imperative if you want to keep a potential customer from bouncing over to a competitor’s site instead.

#2 Increases Customer Engagement

Once your website has made a good first impression, the next challenge is to keep the user’s attention and keep them engaged.

To accomplish this objective, the website must provide the user with a smooth experience and have a natural flow while navigating the site.  A web design that has the perfect balance of aesthetics, functionality and intuitive navigation helps to create a more enjoyable experience for the user and increases the time that they will want to spend on your site.

According to research, 38% of customers will stop engaging  a website where the layout and content are unappealing or confusing. That’s why it’s so important to engage a professional web design company  with an experienced web development services team who understands current trends, the newest technology and appropriate technical standards to build a strong foundation. They will be able to design and develop an appealing website that provides a great experience for the user but is also efficient and cost effective for you to maintain.

#3 Builds Trust and Credibility

Users often form an opinion of your business within seconds of visiting your website.  Research shows that about 75% of people will judge whether a company is credible and worthy of their attention by looking at their website.

A professional website design that is appealing and provides informative and accurate content often translates to increased trust and higher quality from the perspective of a potential customer. Whereas a website that looks outdated, thrown together, contains sparse or inaccurate content increases the chances that users will translate the same subpar or lack of quality to the products and/or services offered by the represented business as well.

A professionally well designed website promotes a sense of careful intention and planned execution which is often easily transferrable to the quality of products and services your business will provide from the perspective of a potential customer. It allows you to demonstrate to your customers how credible your business is.

#4 Cost Effective Marketing

not Television commercials and print advertising may have performed excellently in the past but they are expensive and limited in the number of people that can be reached compared to digital marketing. In today’s internet and social media dominated times, digital marketing is king. Print and TV commercials are typically limited to businesses with large enough budgets to cover the high costs. In addition, not many people watch TV commercials anymore because they have the option to either skip over them on their DVR or choose the video content that they want to watch anytime anywhere by streaming video of their choice.

There are many cost effective digital marketing solutions available today and one of the most basic but effective is to create a professional website that’s available 24/7/365 for no extra costs. A website can also be used in conjunction with other digital marketing platforms and advertising campaigns that can be laser focused in any specific location or as broad as you would like whether it’s on a local, regional or global scale anytime and anywhere for a fraction of the costs of marketing platforms that were previously available. Simply put, digital marketing is the most efficient and cost effective marketing that exists today.

Britebuzz is the best web design company for your online marketing needs


Creating a professional website from scratch is not a job for just anyone. At Britebuzz, we offer website design services that guarantee increased customer interest and engagement.

We not only make a website engaging, but we also create it with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles in mind. You can have the greatest website in the world, but if it hasn’t been properly optimized for search engines, then it’s essentially hidden from the world except via direct access.

SEO is a critical factor in making your website rank higher when users search for your services. You can be assured that all boxes are checked when it comes to our SEO optimization of your web pages and content.



Every company has their own ideas on how to present their business. It’s our job to understand their requirements, goals and objectives and the motivations behind them. We then take what we’ve learned and create a unique design that has been customized specifically to the client’s business needs and desires.

Our web developers are experts in listening to the client’s ideas and making them even better. Our primary goal is to present your business in a unique way that will stand out from your competitors. We use engaging layouts and designs to customize your website to create a first impression that will convert passing users to loyal customers.


In business, the budget will always be one of the main concerns. We offer affordable web design services for small business without compromising quality and results. Whether it’s a new website build from scratch or a redesign of an existing site, we’re happy to extend our services at a very competitive price.


A responsive website is absolutely critical to be competitive in today’s digital marketplace. Because websites are viewed on so many different types of devices – computers, mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.,  your website must be able to adapt. Having a website that effectively responds to the user’s behaviors and environment is key factor in attracting new visitors and keeping their interest. At Britebuzz, we know how potential visitors behave and design responsive websites with these behaviors in mind. 

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Website Design The BriteBuzz Way


A website design that captures and holds the attention of potential customers is essential for increased user traffic, engagement, lead generation, and ultimately a larger customer base. While it’s true that many website design companies may know the basics of web design and development services, they fail to deliver the comprehensive web solution that’s required.

At Britebuzz, we employ industry-proven principles in developing a click-worthy website. Here are some of the key elements we take into account in a website design.

Affordable Web Website Services

Reader Optimized Layout for Smooth Navigation

The layout and appearance of your website is a crucial factor in your business’ success. A key element that must be included in the website design is to create a site that is effortless to navigate. In fact, more than 50% of consumers will thoroughly browse an appealing site that is easy to navigate.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

The advent of high-tech smartphone has made internet browsing all the more accessible. Because of that, one of the main focuses of custom web designs is geared towards being mobile friendly.

Sixty percent of the total internet access is done using a mobile device and that number continues to increase. Therefore, it’s vitally important that your website is optimized for smartphone users. 

Page Loading Speed Optimization

Everything is instant on the internet. A slow website is a no-no in digital marketing. Information accessibility should appear real-time the moment you click a web page link.

Even a second in delay, when loading your most crucial website pages could be a sure-fire way to turn off potential customers and cause you to lose clients.

When you partner with Britebuzz to develop your website, rest assured that your site load speed will be optimized for fast loading.

SEO-Ready Content to Get Attention of Users

While a well-designed website could effectively attract potential clients, convincing them to sign up for your services is the job of your content. As digital marketers would say, content is king.

We’ll ensure that your new content will be written by the top professional content writers and that it will be interesting and properly organized to keep the attention of potential customers.

Clean and Error-Free Web Design Coding

Coding is the building blocks of web design and development services. Coding and programming are a highly specialized task that only certified professionals can do.

At Britebuzz, our team is composed of web developers who have years of professional coding experience under their belt. They are equipped to meet the demands of your website design. Our professional web developers will ensure that the coding process is error-free for your website to run smoothly.

Best Hosting Service

One of the backbones of a functional website is the hosting service. What use is a beautifully designed website when its host is slow, causing errors and unsecure? Many people select their hosting services primarly based on price without knowing that the level of quality and security is insuffcient until they have major issues that costs them dearly to resolve. A bad hosting service can make your site crash, exposed and leave you wihtout proper means to restore everything as it was prior to a crash.

Your website is a critical investment that can enable the on-going success and growth of your business and therefore, must be protected.  At Britebuzz, we understand that fact.  We will determine and recommend the best hosting service for your wesbite, one that fits your budget and helps ensure that your online presence is secured.

Trust BriteBuzz to Provide You With the Best Website Design Service

Today’s customers and consumers are more educated on digital media, very discerning, and their standards are only getting higher and higher. Most of the time, they have already researched what their looking for and know what they want. If they don’t see what they’re looking for on your website, they will move on to your competitors website because it’s easy and the natural thing to do.

We live in a time where everything is accessible in just a swipe and a click. In this current age of the internet your business must always strive to make the quickest and best impression online. However, you cannot stop there, you must keep it fresh and two steps above your competitors.

Digital marketing done right is the key to online success. It is a highly competitive war zone where those who are not equipped with the right knowledge and strategy are doomed to fail.

With millions of business websites and competitors fighting for the lion’s share of the market, it’s imperative to remain one step ahead of the game by hiring the best web design company.

At Britebuzz, we will not only design a visually appealing website, but also enable your business to reap the ROI that you want. We want to partner with you to help bring you new customers, fuel your pipeline and grow your business.  

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