We’re going to go ahead and bet that you are really proud of your business. You enjoy what you do and foresee yourself doing that very thing for a long time to come. And, you want all of your customers to love you, too.

So, how are you stacking up in the reviews department? Are you overflowing with positive reviews? That’s wonderful! Have you experienced some negative reviews? That’s completely normal!

It’s true: There will come a time, if it has not already, when you receive a review that’s less than favorable. When you see it, you’ll stare at the screen and will it to disappear (and it won’t), but then it’s time to quickly address it. Here is what you can do to make sure your customers know their feedback is important to your business:

1. Keep calm and carry on. It’s not easy seeing a review that’s anything less than glowing, but these sorts of reviews are completely normal to receive over the course of your business being in business. Breathe — it’ll be okay. Keep in mind that when a business receives all five-star reviews it can be a little questionable to their audience. After all, nothing and nobody is perfect.

2. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Perhaps what they’ve written isn’t accurate, or you have a perfectly reasonable explanation for what they are complaining about. Remember that your customer probably doesn’t know this. Look at this as an opportunity to educate and inform, while also showing you empathize with their situation.

3. Respond to every negative review. Having a negative review gives you the opportunity to turn that customer’s experience into a positive one. Handling a customer complaint can increase customer advocacy by as much as 25 percent, and some studies show that these kinds of customers actually advocate for your brand more than a customer who had a positive experience from the get-go. When responding, respond in a timely manner, get personal by addressing the reviewer by name and making reference to something they stated in their review, and thank them for the review. It’s important to show that you value their opinion and the time they took to provide feedback.

4. Make it right. If applicable, do what you can to rectify the situation. A little goes a long way.

Reputation management goes beyond responding to reviews. At BriteBuzz, we can help showcase your business’s positive reviews and attributes. Ask us how to get started!

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