Social media may seem “easy enough,” but it takes a lot more work than most realize. If you’ve ever tried to grow your social media audience, you‘re likely well aware of the struggle that is curating and posting compelling content.

It can be a bit like screaming into the void — your content could be seen by a ton of people and have high engagement or be seen by very few people and have low engagement. Then you’re left wondering, “now what?”

#1: Create quality content.
Nowadays, with social media news feeds being clogged by posts from family and friends, businesses, and advertisements, your content is going to have to stand out above the rest. It’s important to make yourself heard by providing content that your audience actually wants to digest and engage with.

Tip #1.5: Incorporate video. According to Forrester Research, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

Tip #2: Form a strategy.
There are great tools out there to measure when the ideal time is to post on your social media and other valuable metrics. One of your first steps can be to post at different days and times, then see if there‘s a spike in views and engagement. Use this insight to guide your posting in the future.

Tip #2.5: Pay attention to current events. If Thursday evenings are determined to be your best posting day and time, but a popular awards show is airing on Wednesday night, keep that in mind. If you can create engaging social media content that connects a current event with your business, do so!

Tip #3: Get to know your audience.
Once your audience starts to grow, don’t be afraid of incorporating polls and surveys into your content to get to know them even better. Pay attention to what they say in response to your content. Use metrics tools to understand what websites your audience visits and what activities they like to do in their spare time. Then, base your content around the results.

Tip #3.5: Discover favorite hashtags. Your target audience probably has a handful of commonalities, and chances are, they use similar hashtags so they can have their own conversations online. Discover those hashtags and join the conversation.

Social media growth doesn’t happen overnight. It takes diligence and an understanding of where your audience is, how they prefer to interact, what they are looking for online and more. At BriteBuzz, we can provide you with important social media management services so your business profiles can lead to engagement and conversion.

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