As one of the most popular content management systems in the world, WordPress is probably a platform you’re familiar with. You might even have a website created with WordPress for your business. But just creating a website isn’t enough to ensure you’re meeting customer demands; you’ll also need to make certain your site is safe and accessible to everyone at any time. And in many cases, that really comes down to your hosting.

While there are several different web hosting options to choose from, managed WordPress hosting is arguably the best option for business owners — especially those who have larger operations or who have plans to expand in the future. Let’s take a closer look at managed WordPress hosting and the advantages it can provide for your organization.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

The term “hosting” refers to the practice of allocating space on a webserver to store all the files for a specific website. The web host will provide the means for all of a website’s files to be viewable online. Without a host (and a server), the site you’ve created can’t really be viewed or accessed by anyone.

Managed hosting is just one possible hosting option for a website. In general, managed hosting essentially means that the hosting company provides a number of services — like setup, ongoing maintenance, and technical support — so that business owners don’t have to worry about those responsibilities themselves. A managed hosting company will take on that burden to ensure their clients’ websites are running properly at all times and that they offer the functionality, security, and accessibility that web visitors expect.

Managed WordPress hosting, specifically, refers to the provision of managed hosting services for WordPress sites. While WordPress is a fairly user-friendly platform, becoming familiar with this CMS can take time. What’s more, keeping up with WordPress updates, vulnerabilities, and other technical aspects of site management may be beyond the expertise of the average business owner. As a result, many organizations will turn to a managed WordPress hosting company to ensure superior site performance on a 24/7 basis.

How Can Managed WordPress Hosting Help Your Business?

As a business owner, you might be accustomed to doing a lot for yourself. But in order to scale your organization, you may need to get used to delegating and outsourcing — particularly when it comes to more technologically advanced tasks.

You can rely on our managed WordPress hosting company to take care of the details relating to site security, performance, and support. 

We mentioned above that many business owners do, in fact, rely on a managed hosting service to keep their WordPress sites up and running. Although managed WordPress hosting does represent an investment, most people find it’s well worth it in the end. There are lower-tiered hosting options (like shared hosting or VPS hosting) that might offer affordability to new business owners and hobbyists, but the trade-off with these options is that they won’t provide a lot of the advantages enjoyed by those who opt for managed hosting. These advantages include:

  • Consistent Usability: From high uptime to fast site speeds, a managed hosting company for WordPress can ensure your site is easy to access at any time and that it loads without delay.
  • Security and Support: Managed WordPress hosting has some real benefits when it comes to website security, which you typically won’t find with other hosting options. A managed hosting company can ensure your site stays protected — and that their team is there whenever you need urgent help. 
  • Ability to Scale: If you suddenly see significant traffic increases or your business is booming, your managed WordPress hosting team can make adjustments to ensure your site performance won’t suffer as a result.

While these are far from the only advantages you’ll experience when working with a managed hosting company for WordPress sites, these often play an important role in your bottom line. When you want to be certain that your site is able to stand the test of time — and adjust as needed — you deserve support from a team of experienced experts who can cross some of those duties (and worries) off your list.

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